Closing Down

Just writing this final blog post to inform anyone who has been following my colouring “progress” (mostly a downward spiral!), that I have decided to concentrate my creative energies on landscape painting instead of colouring books. Painting was always my first love and the foray into colouring book design and creation was a big experiment to see if I could break into the colouring book market. Yes, if I had stuck with it I probably could have had success but I have come to realise that “it just wasn’t me.” I have to be true to myself. The motivation to create colouring book drawings is just not there, that’s the reality!

On the positive side, I’m feeling really energised about my painting! I have rediscovered my enthusiasm for landscape painting -I might not be John Constable or Monet but I’m happy and at peace with myself when in front of my easel and that’s what really matters. Job satisfaction!!!

If you want to follow my painting exploits, you can find me here:

Jo Johnson Art

Otherwise, I hereby give notice that this colouring book website will disappear into oblivion in the next month or two and the words your are reading on this virtual page will vanish forever!




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